Bling bling *~ NOT

Annyeong haseyo evryone <33

Today i havn´t done 2 much..
ive practiced some dance and my lines and then listened 2 music and watched little 2ne1tv :)

i look like hell 2 xD ..
i have red jeans and a huge black t-shirt and messy hair xD
PRETTY! :D <33
i´ll just make this post and then i´ll run straight 2 the shower and when done there i´ll put on a cute pair of fake nails first time on a yeah :D yeah :D it´s gonna be SO MUCH FUN :D yey

i´ll put up some randome pics and then annyeong!

GD <3 who took this picture? o.o i need 2 find that person and hug it :O srsly <33
k-pop guy mix :P <33
LMFAO xD awful picture but i still love it :P hahah xD
Zelo ^-¨ ( btw lol i didn´t plan this but he looks up at teen top xD hah )
Gongchan and Baro ^-^ CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE <33 naaw <33 it´s from B1A4 Sesame player :) i so wanna see that later <33
GD <33

Bye bye ppl <33
Cya <33

Postat av: Puun

When your coming to tfm? need to talk.

2012-03-06 @ 10:21:58
Postat av: Puun

When yur coming to tfm? Need to talk.

2012-03-06 @ 10:24:37

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