Hey evryone :o
practice was today from 9-19 yey fun 10h of singing in a corsett, saying wierd stuff dancing and very wird guys ..
and when i say wierd guys i rly mean it..
Mich had 2 draw on a guys naked chest 2 day and another guy talked 2 me and decides 2 open shirt and then say .. ''no thats 2 pornish'' and then just take it on again and me go o.o *awkward*
though i´m always awkward xD haha even with ugly guys .. its sad rly xD
but yeah.. they are acting more wierd than normal..
ive seen more shirtless guys irl this week than i do on the beach in the summer xD hah not rly but almost xD

After practice i said hello 2 my granny and then i ate McDonalds and then i fixed my hair and now i´m here after working on the internet 4 15 minutes.. it didnt work and me go ≥.≤

I´m rly stressed over the premiere tomorrow OMFG i´ll fail so bad..
i´ll MAYBE show pics from musical but i´m not sure :p i like hiding from the blog xD
i can show pics of evryone else instead ! :D yey :p
no one wanna see me anyway :P xD

Song now: Falling - John Park 존박

haha :P Taemin baby <33
GD <<3<333 (u can see his lovely tattoos here 2 lööve <3<333)
<33 inded i do ^_¨
... but ..
i have this 2 make me happy <33

cya ppl <33
i´ll try be back as soon as possible!
but hope yáll understand if i´m not writing very often now :) <33
BYE <33

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2012-03-13 @ 18:38:49
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