crazy hot, mad party

The musical yesturday went well <33 yey :D
Its again tomorrow .. and the day after , and again , and again like 100 times x.x OMG
i´m already stressed AGAIN z.z

on pics up i´m the ugly one on white corsett and yellow lace skirt..
eww .. right.. me such a scary ghost :P xD LOL
i aint saying more now just a few pics <33 then i´ll be going 4 a showaaaaaaa!

btw I know that SHINee and B1A4 have new teasers and i´ll try 2 take time 2 talk about those tomorrow <3

MinHo<3' Oh yeah (all minho fans know what i mean :D )
GD AND GAHO! its so adorable i could die!!
L.joe <33
Minji <33

Bye bye <33


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