emm wtf?

last post got rly fucked up and i don´t think u can read anything of it xD so i´ll just put the shitty text here instead kinda...

i´m rly sleepy i kinda just fell asleep 2 bigbang´s fantastic baby so .. that says it all :O
but it should give me sweet dreams if i do :O maybe :P ^-^

Today have been more practise and then home 2 dad and i decided 2 eat sushi :D yey
it was so yum ^-^ heh
i need 2 eat it more often :) <3

Tomorrow it starts again at 09:00 yey NOT i just wanna sleep Y U no leave me alone z.z

i´ll fix my bang (fringe) tomorrow 2 :O it have grown so much so i can´t see anymore :'( but i hope i´ll fix that tomorow yep yep....

now imma put up pics and then i´ll probably fall asleep LOL xD
dancing kills me :P


bye (again)


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