I lost my mind 너를 처음만났을때 너 하나빼고 모든것은 get in slow motion

싸우고 울고 안아주고

that made no sense i know :) i just like 2 say that xD 

Annyeong btw ^-^

Yesturday i coulored the pink line back in my hair :D .... with food coulouring :O so i´ll shower after i left comp later and see if it´ll last ^-^

Before i was listening 2 ''What is love''
:O i listened 2 it 4 a while when it was new then i left it and now mich started 2 listen 2 it so not it´s back in my head XD
though i still can´t the members name gosh i can´t handle even one more name or my head will blow up! gaah
but yeah Kai i know ^-^ cuz he´s cute ^-^ and in the other EXO-M (i listen 2 exo-k ) there´s one in M who rly looks like a kid :O adorable but i dunno.. not 2 great maybe? hmm

tomorrow i have a book report on a book i havn´t read.. atleast not in english so i´ll just have 2 take what i remember from the swedish book and translate in my little head XD great.. just what i wanted 2 do.. but i didn´t have time 2 read so wtf.. i´m a good speaker in snglish :p or not good but 10 times better at speaking than writing so :p and almost evryone in my class speak Swinglish (english with a swedish accent) so i sound better cuz of the fact that i don´t do that :O
ME GO GANGSTA ENGLISH.. hah no i don´t know but i think it would be kinda awsome 2 speak gangsta xD lol

Now pics cuz ive written a lot now o.o
i talk 2 much.. :I

More kai *-* <33 he´s selling jeans but i would rather buy him :O
Jung YongHwa<33 love his lips btw right? <3
Jung YangHwa again ^-^<33
AHH why my gif´s never work.. CLICK HERE 2 SEE REAL DEAL!


Bye bye<33


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