Annyeong haseyo!

Yesturday was the last musical show :O
:C its sad but arly rly nice
but yeah .. i think it all ended up well so i´m happy with it ^-^
it was an good expirience that i will NEVER do again ^-^ HAH xD
it was rly though so .. yeah.. i don´t think i would wanna do it again ^-^

and it was rly awkward cuz there was so so so many people i knew who was there and watched me so .. yeah i´m kinda shy so its not 2 fun when i know the people who is there 2 watch :P

besides musical ive been listening 2 music, watched hello baby mblaq , watched some movie and stuff like that...
just trying 2 chill and so :)

i´m rly sleepy cuz i havn´t rly had a good night sleep in 2 weeks so i´ll soon go sleep and hope that i´ll sleep more than 24 h :p maybe a week :P that would be nice :D

wnjoy some pics now and yeah i´ll be back tomorrow i guess :p
i´ll have 2 read a english book tomorrow i think that´s almost it xD
True blood or something like that.. i don´t feel like reading it at all but i have 2 cuz i´ll have 2 talk about it in english class later so wtf.. i´ll just read it quick and hope i remember what it was about xD

Mir a la girl xD <33
some more old mblaq ^-^
Lee Joon looking damn fine <33
i don´t even know what 2 say xD rly random picture of Thunder ^-^
wow this is old xD seungho :P <33

i´m not gonna put up more pics now sry <33
cya ppl <33


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