Why do i always forget my blog? ㄹ.ㄹ 아이고

안녕하세요 여러분!

Today ive watched ep 9 of hello baby and honestly i can´t remember if ive done more than that :O srsly what happened 2 the day?
i woke up, saw it was bad weather , ate ,hello baby, eat more and now i´m here .. i´m like wuut? :O
its wierd...

and all the time i´m like i should blog.. i should blog
20-21 DAMN i havn´t bloged xD
same thing evry day :P

So i´ll blog now and then go shower , then fix my eye brows and then fix my nails
MZ extreme look makeover xD

On friday(?) i think it was friday i´ll go watch ''The hunger games''
It comes out then so i´ll go watch it with sara .. yep yep yep
i hope its good but i feel that the trailer doesnt seem 2 great but i liked the book when i read them (1 million years ago xD) but wtf .. i havt been 2 a cinema(?) BIO in ages... so its just fun 2 get away and watch it ^-^

BTW: watched the Sherlock MV teaset yet? LOOK HERE !!
it seems good so i´m rly happy <33 i hope it will be just as good as bigbangs comeback :D

And now some B1A4 <33

Look at the awsomeness in these pictures :O wow B1A4 is just getting hotter and hotter<33


watched the mv now?
i hope so cuz song is good , guys looking good all is great <33 löve<3

Now 2 the fun part.. Mich hates poor CNU :'( i havn´t liked the way he looked b4 but srsly i think he looks GREAT in this mv and ive always loved his voice so CNU U GO GUY? xD <33

Gongchan is sexy as hell <33 always i´m rly weak 4 him cuz he´s so cute but so sexy and yeah :o

Baro: The styling isn´t better or worse its just watever :o
Ive always seen Baro as my favorite in B1a4 cuz of his awsome voice but he need 2 step it up even more or CNU will steal his place :P hah

Jinyoung: Is rly cute ... and i know he has a great body but i think he look aegyo even if he´s sad or watever CUTIE leader Jinyoung!

And last Sandeul: I think he´s rly cute 2 so my question is Y don´t we see him more in this mv :( so sad :( b1a4 should give him more space :o

But yeah ive always been amazed by b1a4 and they just keep it up from the firt mv i saw them and my eyes are still on them ! B1A4 IS A GOOD JOB ;P <333

Baro <33
Jinyoung <33
Me gusta! Me BANA!<3

bye bye now <33
2 morrow i´ll speak about NU'EST but not now <3 :O
XOXO <3<33


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