Playful Kiss

i still don´t write much on the blog :( Mianhae!
but sence i watch alot of dramas i always forget it :( gah.. annoying
i say evry day ''ill blog today''
and teh  i come home and watch some drama x.x aish

Anyway ive seen alot now :)
You´re my pet
You´re beautiful
Devil besides you
Protect the boss
Postman to heaven
Boys over flowers
Nariko goes to seoul
and proabably more ^_¨ right now i´m watching Playfull kiss cuz i love Kim Hyun Joon srsly *-*
First time i saw him was in BOF and i was like wow *-* he´s like an angel so i decided 2 watch playfull kiss now and it´s rly good ^_^ <33

Hope yall liked my new mp3 thing on my blog btw ^-¨ i put it up yesturday :D
and i totaly put Bad boy first on the list just 2 have fun :D GD is awsome hahah ^_¨<3

i´ll put pics and then i´ll drink some tea and keep watching playfull kiss :)
i´ll try to come back here evry day as usual again :) <3 ok?

Jang geun suk <33
Aish Pavorit colour on my favorite BAP guy <33 love love ZELO <3<33<3
YongGuk,Zelo and Hongki <33<33 i miss hongki after you´re beautiful <33 he´s so sosososososo adorable <33 he´s cuter in blonde hair though even thoug i LOVE the hairstyle he have here 2 ^_^
EXO ^-^ sadly i don´t know all names yet :( or i know most names i just can´t put right name with right face :P

Block b is back 2 :) yeye cute video made 4 their fans so i´m happy i like the song even though it´s not their normal style i understand and love the song <33

Block B(블락비) _ Close My Eyes

Cya <33
XOXO <3<33<3


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