Shake it up Shake it for me

i have so much 2 say but absolutly no time 2 say it in :o
dad says were going somewere but i´m just like DONT WANNA!
i hate going away for no reason ... u do things when u need or wanna not else ... i´d rather sit at home with my music o.o 
( i feel like ferdinand ''i´d rather just sit over here and smell the flowers'' LOL :P

Bounce ...the song... WAS AWSOME :D
I dicided that i liked JB a little more by the fact that JB has little better voice but JR is hotter ...
i ended up liking the one with the voice :) good choice of me i must say :P lol
I also Love the wierd dance xD omo their heads must hurt after that :P
and random butt shake and its goooood :D i knew it was gonna be good ^-^
I havn´t seen dream high tho :O but i know they were in it , so i´ll have 2 see it later :) but i have som much 2 see and no drive 2 watch anything c.c aigoo ...

i guess i´ll have 2 go now o.o
dad is like GO EAT
Me : o.o ... (Doing the D.O )

sence i´ll go 2 germany monday 2 wednesday i´ll try write more later tonight so cya <3

(Y GIFFS Y :'( never work :'(
Zelo .. just because he´s so awsome <3
My shorts o.o the picture´s kinda bad cus it´s just taken with cam ... but they´r nice right? :D <33
me .......... ye-.-
Bye bye <33
XOXO <33


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