some pics .. because i feel like and terrible blogger :'C

sweet lord this can't be taemin o.o like .. wow xD <333
B1aaaa4 <33 ( btw look at Baro's beautiful arms *w* )
BtoB Ilhoon,minhyuk and hyunsik <3 these are one of my favorite rookies this year because i relly fell in love with them while watching BtoB diary so if u havn't seen it go watch <3 (it's still airing it's over 60 ep's but evry ep is only 10-13 minutes)
 Daesung xD old picture but the cuteness is 2 much for me 2 not post :D  <3
 Another Hyunsik <3 but this one is from ZE:A and this is on Gurupop show wich latey is one of my favorite shows ive seen al exept one right now even with groups i knew nothing about and it's still rly fun 2 see xD <33
 And a cute Tabi saying hi 2 the kids *w*
heh and now imma get some sleep sence it's already 1.15 am and tomorrow mich and sara will come here for a sleepover o.o so i need some rest..
i'll also say that i'm on my SCHOOL computer now and all these pics are saved on it xD haha and more xD i need 2 remove them before  i give my comp back or it's gonna be AWKWARD xD hhahah
well bye bye <3
XOXO <3<33<3<33<33<3


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