Party gif challenge ( k-pop style)

You’re at a party, the fourth gif is the person who started the party:
yeeah <33
 a wild pink GD <3
The eigth gif is how they invite you to the party:
hah i would like that party :P
The seventh gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party:
lol i guess i'm TOP`? :P
(all numbers over 20 will be random)
your reaction once you get to the party:
bad party? o.o
The first gif is your reaction when they have your favorite food at the table:
seems legit :P
you when you see they have alcohol at the party:
lol how should i take that? xD
you when you talk to your crush while drunk:
i'll look hot ? :D woo
what you do to your crush:
sing lies and dance behind ass ... i could do that :D
your reaction when they take the alcohol away from you:
i start stripping? :O
The twenty-eighth gif with words is what you say to the people who took it away
hey stupid, i miss you come back... o.o i miss alcohol or person? :P
you trying to flirt with your crush:
HELL YEAH :D <33 ahah
your reaction when someone tries to flirt with your crush:
i watch people kiss or i start kissing? :P both are okay :D
what all the other people at the party think of you:
haha no just no xD ....
the person who calls the police on you:
Joon appa? :'( i was 2 hot for the babies 2 see i guess o.o LOL
gif with words is what you say to the police when they arrive:
that i'm one of a kind :D
you getting kicked out of the party

i just laugh it of :P
and that would have been an amazing party :D i soooo wanna go xD<3<333
yeah <33
if u people have a blog do this on u''r blog and bye for now :) <33
XOXO <33


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