Get your Crayon

Hi evryone ive been sick from thursday and i´m still sick but today i had 2 go 2 school anyway p.p
ive olny been sleeping,watching GD and watching ToTheBeautifulYou 
thats all o.o....
we got computers in our school :O woooo <33
i can also say that i made a reaction video 2 GD´s crayon but i´m like 80% sure i´m not going 2 post it because i was sick and sleepy and without makeup... not rly my best day maybe ...

also all i said while watching the mv was OH MY FUCING GOD! NO WAY :: NOOOO NOOO OMG o.o
and i started like this -_- ended upp like this (/OwO)/ <3     .... so i enjoyed it ;P
i was right OFC ;P Gd showed some skin <33 yeeeeeey <333
i rly want the CD now but i´m not sure if i rly can buy it in sweden o.o :'( but i wish for the best ^-^ :D
and sence GD is my Bias this is gonna be a 100% GD POST :D *w*
Bye bye <33
XOXO <<333


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